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Tag: southwest missouri

Most homeowners living in the four-state area of southwest Missouri know the importance of regularly cleaning their air ducts. But it may not be clear what the best practice method is for getting clean air ducts.So how can a homeowner select a qualified professional to clean the air ducts in their home without knowing what […]

If you’re like the rest of us living in the four states area, you’re probably feeling the heat as we enter another week of triple-digit temperatures. Unfortunately, that can leave some of you wondering what to do with your air conditioning while away on vacation.According to Energy.gov, setting back your thermostat 7 to 10 degrees […]

You ask anyone living in the four-state area around Southwest Missouri about the weather, and most local people will tell you it gets pretty humid. But, if you’ve ever owned a home in a humid climate, you know the dangers lurking in your crawlspace.The biggest reason a crawlspace hosts some rather undesirable hazards is inactivity. […]