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Leave Your Air Conditioner Running While Away on Vacation

Leave Your Air Conditioner Running while Away on Vacationfeatured image

Posted on July 22, 2022 by Angel Clean

If you’re like the rest of us living in the four states area, you’re probably feeling the heat as we enter another week of triple-digit temperatures. Unfortunately, that can leave some of you wondering what to do with your air conditioning while away on vacation.

According to Energy.gov, setting back your thermostat 7 to 10 degrees for a minimum of 8 hours a day could save you as much as 10% a year on your energy bill. Although, that is a figure also recommended for people living in milder climates without high humidity levels, as we experience here in the region of southwest Missouri.

High temperatures matched by high dew point regularly drive up the heat index for those living in the four states region. That means you should leave your air conditioner running while away on vacation. That will help keep you from spending more on costly repairs when you return home.

Reasons to Leave Your AC Running

Many individuals in the four states region know that running your AC while away from home keeps it drier. But if you’re new to the area, running your AC dehumidifies your home.

If you’re lucky to have a programmable smart thermostat, you can always try setting your temperature to 77 degrees while away at work. But 85 degrees is not a recommended temperature for any home or place of business in regions of the United States with high dew points, like for folks living here in the four states.

Suppose you, like most people in this region of the U. S. recognize that turning your AC on while away is just prudent planning to manage a consistent indoor operating temperature. But, unfortunately, by setting the temperature too high inside your home, you risk humidity damage beyond just mold growth

As previously mentioned, if humidity levels inside your home go unchecked, mold can perpetuate the smell of mildew odors, warp flooring & drywall, and damage your belongings. 

Costly Damage to Home Appliances and Electronic Devices

Humidity does no one any favors, including your home appliances and electronic devices. Like you, these devices operate better at humidity levels or below 50%. However, if your humidity levels get above that, corrosive processes begin almost immediately, destroying the electronics in appliances and other electronic devices, like TVs, stereo systems, clocks, and more.

Dehumidifying Your Home

By not allowing relative humidity levels inside your home to exceed 50%, mold will be less inclined to grow. If you recently went on vacation or came home after a long day of work to discover your AC was out for more than 8 hours, you need the experts at Angel Clean.

As a certified IICRC specialist, Angel Clean can come to your home and assess the damage done while you are away and provide you with a detailed estimate of repairs. If your home has homeowners insurance and you need to file a claim, the team at Angel Clean can also work with your insurance adjuster to ensure the process is stress-free.

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