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Our Story

Angel Clean started out in 1995 when Angela (Angel) Graham begged her husband for a brand new $2000 vacuum cleaner and got her wish. In return, she promised all the benefits of a new business she was going to start with it. Soon enough, she, along with her 2 young children and a shiny new Rainbow vacuum, kept homes, churches, and offices sparkling as the new entrepreneurs gained popularity and business alike. After years of working themselves to pure exhaustion, Angela decided to take on her longtime passion for teaching and get her degree. From that point on her son Benjamin and husband Scott were left to carry on the family business. Within a few short years, Angel Clean went from a three man house cleaning crew to a lucrative janitorial and floor maintenance outfit, employing more staff and taking on rental and commercial properties. In 2002 Ben became certified in flood and fire restoration, eventually leaving janitorial behind.  By 2010, he gained another certification in air duct cleaning which he recently updated just this year. Within the next five years, Angela’s health began to fail, throwing Scott into early retirement.  At that time, Scott passed the company on to his son and best employee. Ben, having already mastered the labors of his new business, now manages and works alongside his employees and his wife, Andrea, who takes up the task of managing the office side of the business. And while still providing all the services on the website, Angel Clean will be adding to the provisions list in the near future. However, we will, and always, have maintained a local feel for our new and veteran customers alike.