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What’s The Big Deal About Smoke And Soot Damage?

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Posted on November 1, 2022 by Angel Clean

Do you remember the time you let the cookies bake in the oven too long? The smell of fire and smoke engulfed the room as you frantically opened a window to let the burnt air escape. What if the accident is not as small as just burned cookies and a much larger fire disaster has occurred?

House Fire

The fact is unfortunately, we all know that a fire can happen in an instant and leave you in need of fire damage cleanup. This commonly occurs in homes as the colder months approach us, bringing with it that craving for heat and warmth from various sources. Most of us love those fall scented candles that emit those nostalgic aromas that take us back to memories from years gone by. The need increases for portable heaters to be used in various areas of the home to supplement those spaces that escape the reach of the heating vents. Also, with the holidays soon to be around the corner, kitchen appliances will be in full use as we cook and bake those must-have goodies for the dinner table. Fires can happen quickly and the damage can be substantial. Smoke damage can be lasting unless you have professionals come and do a room overhaul. If you find yourself in need of smoke remediation, immediately seek professional smoke restoration services. 

Smoke and Soot Effects

After a fire, soot can affect the air quality of your home. It’s very important to note that soot can have lasting effects on children and adult health. Studies show that soot can put strain on your airways and potentially cause asthma flares and bronchitis. Soot damage can happen rather quickly and subtly. For instance, burning a candle in your home can leave soot behind on walls and even ceilings. A common oven fire can leave soot residue and odor on walls, curtains and home furnishings. On a much larger scale, a chimney fire, or a room fire can leave smoke/soot damage on other areas of your home that were not initially affected by the fire, due to smoke’s rapid spread through a house. 

Restoring Air Quality

Now that we are familiar with the facts of the effects of soot and smoke damage to the interior of a home, what can be done to remedy this problem? Hiring a highly qualified and experienced business that specializes in fire damage restoration service is key. Professionals know how to identify key areas in the home that have been affected by soot and smoke and have the proper equipment to deodorize and eliminate the foreign and potentially harmful residues clinging to the surfaces of your home. Skilled cleaning technicians often utilize high powered air scrubbing equipment to rid the air of harmful particles. This will help ensure the purity of the air quality in your home giving you peace of mind. 

Who to Call?

From small fire disasters to larger multiple room damages, trust the fire restoration near you. Fire restoration and smoke damage restoration services are at the tip of your fingers and a phone call away. Angel Clean specializes in smoke damage cleaning, improving air quality, removing hazardous materials, and restoring building appearance. 

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