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Damaging Cigarette Smoke Odor in Living Spaces

Damaging Cigarette Smoke Odor in Living Spacesfeatured image

Posted on June 24, 2022 by Angel Clean

If you’ve ever stepped inside a home, an apartment, or a workplace where people have been smoking or vaping, you’ve probably noticed a distinct cigarette smoke odor. That’s because years of smoking indoors can soak into porous material and cling to surfaces, causing damage. 

For this reason, a detailed recovery service by a professional restoration company is the only solution to remove cigarette smoke. Otherwise, leaving a living space damaged by cigarette smoke odor can negatively impact the perception of the home or apartment community to potential new home buyers or rental tenants.

How Nicotine Smoke Impacts Buildings

Tobacco smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals. As a result, nicotine smoke can cling to every surface in a home or apartment, including drywall and upholstery. It also leaves behind a yellowish-brown sticky tar-like material that is visible and tacky to the touch. 

Cigarette smoke can permeate through everything it comes into contact with, even sticking to surfaces inside the HVAC ventilation. Surprisingly, cigarette smoke odors and any form of tobacco smoke can enter a ventilation system that will reach other parts of a building through the air ducts.

When it comes to the restoration process for thirdhand smoke damage in an apartment or a home, the nicotine residue is more difficult to remove than soot left from a building fire or a wildfire.

How Tobacco Smoke Is Removed

The residue buildup can require repetitive detailing by a professional restoration company. Most restoration companies will follow a prescribed procedure to remove tobacco smoke and nicotine tar from walls, ceilings, carpets, windows, and doors.

Then the space is warmed to help open porous cavities on all surfaces. Afterward, walls, doors, windows, counters, and cabinets are repeatedly washed with a degreaser and rinsed. If these surfaces are not appropriately heated and thoroughly cleaned before applying any paints, nicotine will seep through regardless of the number of paint coats.

After all the surfaces are thoroughly dry, some professionals apply a coat of Kilz Paint Restoration, followed by a Kilz Original Primer and 2 or 3 coats of paint with color. Next, the carpet and padding are removed, and the surface below is washed, thoroughly dried, and sealed before installing a new carpet pad and rug overlay.

All window coverings, whether upholstery or blinds, get replaced with brand new window coverings to eliminate the potential for off-gassing

Finally, one of the most critical steps for restoration companies is cleaning the ventilation ducts for the heating and air conditioning systems, including replacing air filters to remove odor buildup from circulating throughout the home or apartment.

Who Do You Call?

If you’re an apartment manager, a homeowner thinking of selling or a homebuyer living in the four-state area around Joplin, Missouri, the team at Angel Clean can help. 

Their restoration professionals have served the four-state region for the past two decades. Call the team at Angel Clean today to schedule a time for an onsite assessment and quote!