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Water Damage Restoration

Having a pipe break or mother nature flooding your home is a stressful event.  With our 20 years of experience we will ease your mind by saving your structure and contents in rapid time.

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Why is it important to call a professional water damage mitigation company?

If a water loss occurs, be it a broken pipe, rain water seeping through your walls, or an air conditioning leak, act quickly. Ignoring stagnant water, hoping it dries on its own is dangerous, giving the moisture an ideal environment for mold and bacteria to grow.  The longer moisture sits without proper drying the more the air quality is saturated with health hazardous microorganisms and the more extensive the damage your structure suffers. Stopping the source, removing and cleaning the affected materials reduces the chance of infection or sickness.

Are all water loss/floods handled the same?

After the damage is assessed,  the process used to mitigate a water loss/flood depends on the severity.  First comes the water extraction.  Truck mounted vacuums or pumps are used to extract as much water as possible from crawl space areas, hard floors or carpet and pad.  Various methods of removal are used depending on how levels of moisture.  After all standing water is out, walls, ceilings, and furnishings will all be checked for moisture absorption.    Fans, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers will then be carefully placed for with monitoring and adjusting each day.  Clothing, draperies, and furnishings that are salvageable should be cleaned in order to prevent mold growth.  Carpet and pad will be disposed or cleaned after thorough inspection.  Remember, mold growth takes only 24-48 hours to develop!  Finally, after humidity and temperatures have leveled out, a thorough inspection is performed with moisture meters to ensure the structure is dry.

What are the types of water loss/floods?

There are three different types of floods/water losses your situation could fall under.  These vary some in the method of cleanup and removal.  Category One is clean water damage such as a toilet supply, or a kitchen faucet bust.  Category Two is “grey water” meaning moisture from a household appliance that has soap or rinse water, like a dishwasher or washing machine.  Category Three involves dangerously contaminated rainwater, sewage, flooded rivers, drainage ditches, that carry in all the toxicities and poisons mother nature intended to stay outdoors.  These floods pose the most immediate danger for the illness causing bacteria they carry.

No matter what type or how much, any and all water damage/flood needs to be dried and cleaned asap! Save your structure, save your health.

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