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Carpet and Tile Cleaning

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Angel Clean uses Truck mounted Steam extraction for heavily soiled carpet.  We also offer dry cleaning methods for routine upkeep and delicate carpet fibers.  Odor issues and stains will be pre treated and extracted thoroughly.  Both dry and deep steam cleaning are offered on all jobs.

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Is it time to have my carpet or tile professionally cleaned?

Lets be honest, do you really want to think about how much dirt & grime have been ground into your floors this year?  With kids, pets, or customers tracking all weather in and out, maintaining a professional cleaning on your carpet, tile, or upholstery at LEAST once every 6 to 12 months keeps soil, bacteria and stinky odor from taking over your hard earned furniture and flooring.  Routine maintenance also extends the life and appearance of these as well. It sure puts off buying new carpet for a while longer!

What can I expect when Angel Clean shows up?

Our technician will do a walk through to check the extent of the cleaning.  As it is impossible to guarantee stains, they’ll take into consideration the soiling and any permanent spots and try to let you know a realistic outcome before they begin.  After the furniture or flooring has been vacuumed, a pre-spray will be applied that loosens the soils in the fabric. After the pre-spray does its job, the tech will then use the best cleaning method then top it off with an optional stain resister after the cleaning to ward off any new soiling in the future.

What type of cleaning is best for my carpet or tile?

Angel Clean offers two main types of carpet/tile/upholstery cleaning: One is the all classic steam clean. This is a truck mount tool, heavy duty, deep hot water extraction clean. This method removes ground in dirt and odor causing bacteria,  leaving a residue free surface. The second is an encapsulation method. This is a low moisture, fast dry, and might I add, quiet process that uses the science of trapping the dirt onto an absorbing pad.  This type of cleaning is best used for well maintained fabrics and floors. It can also be combined with a steam clean for tough spots.