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Category: Crawlspaces

As temperatures plunge during this time of year and arctic blast affects the area, freezing pipes are a big concern. If you have ever found yourself in a situation with a busted water pipe due to cold temperatures you understand that the expansion of the frozen water when it turns to ice is the culprit. […]

Stepping outside in spring and summer time, the air feels heavy and thick. This is the increase in humidity. Humidity is generally accepted with consternation for a myriad of reasons. For us humans its sticky and it increases perspiration. For houses however, it can cause mold levels to rise at an alarming rate.Where Does Mold […]

You ask anyone living in the four-state area around Southwest Missouri about the weather, and most local people will tell you it gets pretty humid. But, if you’ve ever owned a home in a humid climate, you know the dangers lurking in your crawlspace.The biggest reason a crawlspace hosts some rather undesirable hazards is inactivity. […]