Floor Cleaning

Call us for a free, no hassle estimate.  Angel Clean offers powerful, truck mounted steam extraction to tackle heavily soiled carpet and tile.  We also offer dry cleaning for routine upkeep.

Air duct cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Experiencing allergies?  Lingering odor no matter how much you clean?  Unexplained respiratory ailments?  Let Angel Clean take a look at your air ducts.  Our certified air cleaners will get the job done right.


Flood Restoration

Burst pipe, or mother nature wreaking havoc? We have the latest in drying equipment to save your contents and structure. 24-hour emergency service provided.


Odor Control

Horrible odor in your home? Cigarette smoke? Animal? Dead smell? No problem. We have the latest equipment to tackle all your odor issues. With our Hydroxyle Generator, Ozone Machine, Hot Thermal Fogger, and deoderizors the odors are effectively eliminated at the source.


Crawl Space Repair

Ever wonder if your crawlspace is affecting the air quality in your home?Encapsulating your crawlspace with a Vapor Barrier protects your family from moisture, mold spores, critters, and radon gases.


Bed Bug Control

Heat treatment is the most effective way to rid bed bugs and also kill the eggs. We have 300,000 btu heaters for large homes and portable units for small areas.


Trauma Scene Cleanup

Our team of professionals provide bia hazard, decontamination, and restoration services for tragic, traumatic, and emotional events. We are sensitive to your needs and offer biohazard cleanup to unattended deaths, blood and bodily fluids, crime scenes, and drug laboratories.


Fire Restoration

Fire and Smoke damage restoration.  Disaster Clean has experienced, certified technicians and tools needed to restore your smoke damaged contents and structure.